5 Main Sewer Line Maintenance Tips

Sewage spewing into the sink and bathtub sounds like the plot of a horror movie. Unfortunately, a clogged main sewer line can make this nightmare your reality. Here are five main sewer line maintenance tips to prevent a sewage disaster.

Knowing When Your Main Sewer Line is in Trouble

You probably don’t overthink your main sewer line. After all, most of the time, the drains in your home do their job without issue. Sometimes, however, the main sewer line develops a clog that requires an urgent call to the plumber.

Short of a sewage backup into your home, what are the signs of a clog? Fortunately, there are usually signs of a clog developing within the line.

Warning signs of a clog include:

  • A gurgling sound in drains
  • Repeated clogged toilet and sinks
  • The presence of liquid around the basement floor drain

Pay attention to your home if you notice any of the above symptoms. Calling in a professional plumber, like Golden Rule Plumbing Services, as soon as you see a problem, can avoid a real disaster later on.

The good news is that sewer line clogs are not inevitable. You can take steps to help prevent the need for costly plumbing repairs. Read on for five simple things that you can do to keep your sewer lines flowing smoothly.

5 Main Sewer Line Maintenance Tips

A little bit of prevention can help to safeguard your sewer lines. Even better, you’ll find that employing our five steps isn’t time-consuming. Include these five tips in your home maintenance calendar.

1. Watch What You Flush

You know those baby wipes that may or may not be flushable? Do your main sewer line a favor and throw the baby wipes into the trash. Unlike toilet paper, baby wipes don’t disintegrate in water and are a sure path to a clogged sewer line.

2. Keep Grease Out of Your Kitchen Sink

Do you remember how picky your mom was about grease in her kitchen? It turns out that, once again, she was right. Grease should never go into the drain. You wouldn’t believe how many pipes end up clogged by solid chunks of fat.

3. Use an Environmentally Friendly Cleanser

Do the warnings on a container of chemical drain cleaner make you cringe? Happily, you can create an effective drain cleaner with vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and water. Follow these steps regularly for the best results.

4. Scrape Those Plates

Do you rinse your dinner plates before placing them into the dishwasher? It’s important that you scrape any food scraps into the garbage before rinsing them. Don’t allow food chunks to go down your drain.

5. Hire a Plumber for Regular Maintenance

Hiring a plumber for regular maintenance on your main sewer line is a terrific idea. A skilled plumber will snake the sewer line and can also search for signs of tree root intrusion.

Final Thoughts

Protect your home by sticking to the main sewer line maintenance routine. Contact us at Golden Rule Plumbing Services in Raleigh, NC, for advice and assistance with all of your plumbing needs.