Do You Have a Hair Clogged Drain? Here’s What to Do.

Are you having trouble with a hair clogged drain?

We have all been there. You start to run the sink, and the water immediately begins to fill it up. If this takes place while you have guests, it can be very embarrassing.

Like many in your situation, you might be ready to pull out your hair with frustration. Hair from your head, and possibly your face has built up in your drain. Add in a mixture of sticky hair products, and you have a problem. Time to purchase some chemicals to unclog your drain? 

Save the planet and some money on nasty chemicals and try this instead.

Step One- Baking Soda and White Vinegar

The ingredients to defeat a hair clogged drain are likely already in your pantry. 

Baking soda has properties that dissolve minerals and organic materials like hair. As a bonus, this amazing stuff is also a disinfectant and deodorant. Measure out one cup of baking soda and our it down your hair clogged drain.

Remember those baking soda and vinegar volcano projects during school? Adding vinegar to the baking soda won’t cause an eruption in this case. What it will do is activate the baking soda, causing it to fizz. 

Immediately after pouring in the baking soda, pour one cup of white vinegar down the drain. After witnessing the fizzy fun, wait for five minutes after it has stopped.

Step Two- Hot Water Rinse

After the fizz has done its work, it is time for a rinse.

Pour two quarts of steaming hot water down your drain. Doing this will break up the foam created during the fizzing step. The foam and the broken up hair and other gunk should flush out smoothly now.

The one-two punch of baking soda and vinegar to unclog your drain is fantastic. This tactic saves money on calling a plumber and is much better for the environment.

But what if your drain is still clogged after you follow these steps?

Step Three- Rinse and Repeat

Sometimes dealing with a clogged drain requires matching its stubbornness with your own.

Try again if your drain doesn’t flow freely after the first round. Follow the steps of pouring in baking soda followed by vinegar. Wait for the fizzing to stop and then five minutes after that. 

Next, pour in two quarts of very hot water. Rinse and repeat. 

After a few unsuccessful attempts, mix a cup of baking soda and a half cup of salt. Pour this mixture down your drain and let it sit overnight. Rinse this mixture with two cups of boiling water to clear things out.

How to Prevent a Hair Clogged Drain

Preventing a problem is always better than dealing with one.

To keep your drains free of clogs, remember these three tips.

  1. Brush your hair out before you step into the shower.
  2. Run the tap while shaving your face at the sink.
  3. Keep your drain screens clean.

One Step Further

A clogged drain that persists after these attempts could be a more serious issue. 

Your drain may be clogged due to an obstruction in your pipes. Obstructed pipes will only get worse and lead to unexpected flooding. Call Golden Rule Plumbing today and our experts will take a look.