How to Increase Water Pressure

Have you ever stepped into your shower only to be disappointed by the slow trickle of water that comes from the showerhead? Low water pressure is often the reason for the disappointing flow. Read on to find out how to increase water pressure before you take your next shower.

What’s the Deal with Low Water Pressure?

How to Increase Water Pressure

For the most part, having low water pressure isn’t as bad as high water pressure. Sky-high water pressure can damage your plumbing fixtures and hurt the plumbing system of your entire home. Low pressure is annoying even if it’s not dangerous to your pipes. Your appliances may not work well, and your showers are not as satisfying. You may also get a whistling sound that comes from your pipes due to low water pressure.

Sometimes it is due to municipal water issues beyond your control. There are things you can do when your city’s water supply isn’t up to par. For example, a pump and a pressure tank solve the low-pressure issue.

How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Home

If you are concerned that you have low water pressure, check the pressure with a test kit. If your water pressure is less than 30 PSI, you will want to take action. The first step is to determine the cause of the problem.

You may find a leak in the plumbing or a buildup of debris in your pipes. These types of plumbing issues require you to call a Raleigh plumber to take care of the problem. Golden Rule Plumbing Services, for instance, can quickly and affordably diagnose the reason for the low pressure.

A top-flight plumber can also remedy low pressure caused by a faulty municipal water system.
The solution is to install a pump and pressure tank in your home. Integrating a pump and pressure tank in your home is a job best left to a professional plumber. A pressure tank works with both well and municipal water systems. Using only a pressure tank will keep your water pressure on a more constant level by keeping the water volume in your system high.

If you want your pressure higher than what a pressure tank alone offers, you will also want to have a pump with the tank. A pump can take the low-pressure water in your home and increase the PSI level before it goes to the pressure tank. Most of these pumps will allow you to set the PSI level to your specifications too.

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