How to Plunge a Toilet the Right Way

What kind of clogged drain has the potential to make you wish you never became a homeowner? If you’re like most people, there’s nothing quite as panic-inducing as a clogged toilet. Here’s some quick DIY advice on how to plunge a toilet.

How to Plunge a Toilet

How to Plunge a Toilet the Right Way

Now’s the time to grab your trusty plunger. The everyday toilet plunger is pretty much a no-stress, self-explanatory tool. Nonetheless, it does require the correct technique to unclog a toilet or a drain successfully.

Choose the Appropriate Plunger

Every plumber knows that you need the right plunger for the job if you want to get rid of a clog. A plunger comes in a variety of diameters for different types of drains, so you will want to choose one that is only slightly bigger than the opening to the drain.

You will also need to choose between the standard and the flange plunger. Your standard plunger has a basic half-sphere looking cup, and your flange plunger comes with an extension, making it a little more productive at plunging your toilet.

Check the Water Level

Regardless of the type of clog that you need to eliminate, the water level is essential. If there is too much water standing, the water will splash all over when you plunge, especially if a toilet is clogged. However, if there is not enough water, the plunger will not seal properly around the drain.

You’ll want the water to be deep enough to cover the cup of the plunger completely. If you need to remove some of the standing water, use a bowl or bucket and wear some rubber gloves. Learning how to plunge a toilet is for sure messy. Always wash hands and wear gloves.

Get a Tight Seal

One important thing to get when learning how to plunge a toilet is that you will want maximum pressure when you are plunging. If you clog up the nearby drains, you will increase the strength against the toilet clog. For example, if you are plunging the toilet, put a stopper in the sink drains and the bathtub. If you do not have a stopper, use a wet rag.

Having a good seal is imperative when you are ready to plunge. A trick to remember is to rub a bit of petroleum jelly on the plunger’s rim before starting. Please make sure the rim’s edge contacts the drain around it, and the handle of the plunger is straight up.

Once you have a good, secure seal, plunge for thirty seconds in an up and down motion. If necessary, repeat this several times until you fix the clog. If you still can’t get the job done, call your favorite Raleigh plumber to do it.

Call a Professional

Don’t hesitate to pull up the phone number of your favorite plumber if you can’t unclog your toilet. We for sure know how to plunge a toilet, and are eager to help. Golden Rule Plumbing knows how to plunge a toilet that suffers from any clog in bathrooms throughout the Raleigh, NC area. What’s more, repairing a clogged toilet is not an expensive fix, and we’ll quickly have your bathroom back in service.

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