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The Best Knightdale and Raleigh “Plumber Near Me”

the best plumber near me

Raleigh is a big area, and there are a lot of smaller towns around it, like Knightsdale. That’s why we’re happy to serve many areas in Knightdale and beyond. That’s why, when Google pops up that auto-suggests, “plumber near me” we’re happy to come up first. We really are near you, and happy to come to wherever you are.

Schedule Your Yearly Plumbing Maintenence Appointment Today 

Throughout the years, your pipes accumulate dust and dirt, and this buildup makes water flow less smoothly. Having your water running effortlessly is vital to the overall health of your home, and you. When you need residential or commercial plumbing services of any type, you can depend on us to do the work with accuracy and precision. Just call the best plumber near me and we’ll answer the call.

As the chief business for fast plumbing services near Knightdale, NC, and the surrounding areas, Golden Rule Plumbing Services delivers superior workmanship and service. It is our duty to certify safe and dependable plumbing for your living or workspace. We work on various types of plumbing systems.

As your Knightdale plumber near me, we offer services that get rid of plumbing problems. Our plumbers inspect your pipes, your water connections, and the water heater. We ensure that

  • your water flow is correct
  • your pipes interiors are spotless
  • and apparatuses like bolts and nuts are accurately lined up.

We understand that your plumbing isn’t the first thing on your list when you are thinking about home renovations. That is, not until the system isn’t acting right.  If you find that any part of your plumbing isn’t doing its job, call the local plumber near me.

The Plumber Near Me With Experience

When you need the best plumber near me, call Golden Rule Plumbing Services. Whether it’s new pipes or your water heater unit needs to be repaired, allow us to manage the job from beginning to end. We give the level of service that keeps your plumbing operating at top performance. We use modern methods with old-fashioned service at affordable prices.

At Golden Rule Plumbing Services, we offer plumbing services with equipment manufactured by the industry’s top name brands. For years, we have given Raleigh and Knightdale area residents personalized, top-quality craftsmanship. Choosing a reliable plumber near me is just as crucial as choosing quality plumbing parts. With plumbing, if the work isn’t done right, it could end up costing you more money. Save time and money with Golden Rule Plumbing.

Emergency Bathroom Plumbing

We offer emergency plumbing in Knightsdale for repairs on bathroom plumbing, water removal services, and much more. Whether it's a leak that keeps you up or an extensive water problem, we're here.

Emergency Kitchen Plumbing

We offer services and repairs on kitchen sinks, drains, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. For emergency burst pipe repair, water removal services, or simple plumbing needs, contact us today.

Emergency Outdoor Plumbing

We offer emergency burst pipe repair services and repairs on most outdoor plumbing including spigots, wells, sewers, and sump pumps. Day or night, our emergency plumbing repair near me in Knightdale is reliable and affordable.

Hot Water Heater Emergency?

There's nothing like having a hot water emergency. Whether the pipe burst, is leaking, or there's something else askew- our emergency plumbing in Knightdale has you covered.