How to Fix a Noisy Faucet

Does a noisy faucet make you want to avoid washing your hands? If so, it’s time to make some simple faucet repairs. Below are some surefire tips that will let you wash your hands and face in peace.

Common Noisy Faucet Fixes

How to Fix a Noisy Faucet

There are a few typical situations that can cause your home to suffer from plumbing noises. Try the steps listed below to see if it fixes your problems and brings peace back to your home.

Clean the Aerator

Mineral deposits in the aerator could be the cause of your noisy faucet. Unscrew the tip of the valve to get to the aerator and check it for any build-up. Clean or replace the aerator if the noise is gone after you take it off.

Replace the Washers

If your washers are old or sized incorrectly, they could cause noises with your faucet. You need to turn off your water supply and take apart the faucet. Take off the handles and replace the washers with new ones that better fit the fixture.

Check the Water Pressure

When the water pressure is too high, it can make strange noises in your plumbing system. You can test the strength using a pressure gauge. If the PSI is over 80, your water pressure is too high. You will want to install a pressure regulator to stop the noise and protect your pipes.

Replace the Pipes in Your Home

The above fixes are often all that’s needed to remedy a noisy faucet. Sometimes, however, the root cause of the problem stems from old pipes. In this case, you should consider replacing the pipes in your home.

Pipes wear out, and even the best-constructed plumbing system can’t last forever. For example, in older homes, the pipes may be too small or have too much debris in them. Whatever the age of the house, there are times when replacing the pipes is a smart decision.

Along with creaking faucets, plumbers look for other signs of plumbing system failures. The pipes in your home rarely give way without warning. Besides loud taps, some of the things to look for include:

  • Leaks
  • Rusty Water
  • Signs of Corrosion on the Pipe Tubing

Replacing old pipes is a sure way to quiet the squeaks and creaks coming from a faucet. Another powerful benefit is that your family will enjoy higher quality water from the new pipes. Old plumbing systems often bring in contaminants like lead through the pipes, and a repipe delivers healthier water to your loved ones.

Read here for an excellent discussion on everything related to replacing an outdated plumbing system.

Rely on your Raleigh plumber for advice regarding when to redo your plumbing system. It’s a significant home improvement, and an experienced plumbing contractor can give you an honest piping appraisement.

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