How Plumbing Leaks Can Attract Pests

No homeowner wants to imagine the damage that plumbing leaks can cause to a home. Leaky pipes result in problems like higher utility bills, mold, and pests. Let’s look at how a leaky pipe might as well open the door to a pest invasion.

Plumbing Leaks and Pests

Just like humans, pests such as rodents and insects need to have water for their survival. All it takes is a little water in your home to attract them. The danger in a hidden water leak is that it provides a perfect spot in your home for pests to live.

Now, the mere presence of insects in a room doesn’t necessarily signal a plumbing leak. However, you should always consider the possibility of a water leak if you spot an indoor pest.

Pay attention to where you typically see the rodents or bugs. Are they located near any plumbing? If so, we recommend that you contact a plumber to check for any problem pipes. Plumbers are experts at tracing plumbing leaks to their source.

Common Plumbing Leak Locations

plumbing leaks

The indoor plumbing that makes life comfortable requires an extensive system of pipes. While no one would choose to live without indoor plumbing, pipes do occasionally fail. When a leak develops, it’s critical to pinpoint its location as soon as possible.

Here are some of the places where leaks often develop:


Today’s refrigerators make ice on demand. Unfortunately, ice makers can lead to water leaks that attract pests into the kitchen. Inspect the area around your fridge if you spot a cockroach in your kitchen.

If your refrigerator has an automatic icemaker, be sure to check the water line that leads to your freezer carefully. These lines typically come from cheap plastic that can quickly spring a leak. A tiny hole in the water line can create a puddle that looks like an idyllic oasis to a cockroach.

Along with the refrigerator, don’t forget to check the area around other appliances that use water.


Beneath bathroom and kitchen sinks are other spots that are prone to leaks. Open up your cabinets to check for any moisture beneath your sink traps (the U-shaped pipe bend) or garbage disposal.

If you locate a leak and its source, be sure to repair it at once or call your Raleigh plumber to help you. Otherwise, no matter how many traps or how much poison you put out for the pests, the water will only bring in more.

Pipe Entryways

The spaces where pipes come into your house can also provide easy access for a pest. As you inspect water pipes for leaks, make sure you also examine their walls.

Consider sealing any gaps with a metal plate, foam insulation, rubber gasket, or another barrier. Here is information on how to seal up any gaps to discourage pests from entering your home.

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