Plumber’s Wife – Raleigh Plumber Edition

Tales from a Plumber’s Wife

When plumbing is your life, and you are not a plumber, you blog 🙂 Spoiler alert, plumbing is not actually my life. But being a Raleigh plumber is never far from my mind. Because I’m married to one.

In an effort to add some interesting content to our blog, I decided to blog today about the occupation of owning a plumbing business, or more specifically, being married to it. Did you ever think you’d be interested in reading a blog on a plumbing website? Honestly, I didn’t think you’d be. Unless you have plumbing issues that need addressing and you are looking for help, in which case please, browse away! But this isn’t educational, this isn’t typical. It’s just a blog about life as it relates to our business, Golden Rule Plumbing Services. So here goes.

My husband is the plumber. And I am the blogger. One of us is better at our job than the other but I won’t say who…

The husband (Joseph) and the plumber, will be used interchangeably in this series. But the man is the same. He wakes up at 6 each morning and reads his Bible and prays. This is the constant and this is the reason we are where we are. Then, the husband moves into a time of refreshing and studying up on new plumbing techniques and even business best practices. The husband is a great plumber, and we are still learning how to be a great business. We love our customers and we love to help people. And he actually loves to plumb. I’m not making this up. He loves it. The mental energy used to figure out a problem (it’s more complicated than you may think), and the joy of restoring someone’s plumbing back to functionality are things he actually talks about regularly with literal sparkles in his eyes. It’s weird. And fantastic.

He heads out to his first call with his little lunch box and his helper riding shotgun. And continues the day in the same way. The plumber always comes home filthy and I try to make him take his shoes off at the front door. Most days he forgets. I bought a Roomba. It’s fine.

He fills out invoices, drafts up estimates, texts and emails with customers as long as it takes. Dinner is in there somewhere and playtime with our toddler. He wasn’t always, but he’s getting good at balance. I think this only comes with time and experience, when you own a business.

Our customers love the plumber and I know why. He is kind and he is trustworthy. He is genuine and he is excited. I can’t explain why. It comes naturally for him. And I’m so thankful for it. He loves meeting new people and hearing their stories. Plumbing has given him an avenue to do this. You may be saying, well all i want is my plumbing fixed. Yeah, that too. He knows what he’s doing and he wants to make sure it’s always a job well done. Earning our customer’s trust is our top priority. Going into someone’s home is a big deal and he understands that. He gets excited when the phone rings. He doesn’t get so excited about filling out paperwork. He is proud of his trailer and keeping it organized. He is even prouder of the logo on the side of the trailer that we dreamed up three years ago. And he is the most proud that this very dream became real life.



SO. If you want to see that sparkle for yourselves, or if you are interested in learning more about plumbing, subscribe to our youtube channel, or check out this video on how to check your water pressure. Golden Rule Plumbing Services – Water Pressure

Thanks for reading.