What To Do if Sewage is Leaking Into Your Yard

Homeowners with septic systems are aware of the potential problems that can arise. Nonetheless, having sewage leaking into your yard is unnerving. No one looks forward to dealing with that situation.

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Why Is Sewage Leaking Into Your Yard?

With proper care and consistent maintenance, a septic system works well most of the time. However, these systems are a bit particular. Homeowners need to follow some crucial guidelines to avoid significant problems, such as:

  • Do not allow excessive chemicals to flush down your home’s drains.
  • Use bathroom tissue that disintegrates quickly when wet.
  • Do not dump or flush grease, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, or other items.
  • Have professionals service your system every one to three years.
  • Conserve water so that you don’t use more than the system can handle.

Failure to follow these expectations may result in clogs and breaks in the septic system. Once this happens, you may face sewage leaking into your yard.

Signs of Leakage in a Septic System

Acting at the first sign of a problem will help you avoid a disastrous and costly situation. When sewage is leaking into your yard, take steps to solve the issue immediately. Here are a few common warning signs:

  • Low water flow or pressure in the house.
  • Discoloration or indentations in your grass.
  • A bad smell coming from the yard.

If you spot any of these issues, here are some steps you should take:

Cordon Off the Area

There are significant health problems inherent in the presence of raw sewage. Protect yourself, your family, and your pets by blocking the affected area. It’s essential to keep animals out so that they don’t track anything into your home. Put up some clear signage to inform people of the potential danger.

Cut Down on Water Use

You already need to be careful not to have excessive water use with a septic system, but if sewage is leaking into your yard, you need to back off even more. This step will help slow the spread of the leak. Fixing the leak is also easier with less water flowing. Once repairs are complete, you can resume to your normal usage.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Reach out to your insurance company in case you need to start a claim. In some cases, the leak leads to minimal damage. In other instances, the trouble can be more serious. If the leak spreads to a neighbor’s yard, you may be liable. Sewage leaking into your yard is an emergency situation, so call us immediately.

Rely on the Experts

When sewage is leaking into a yard, it’s rarely a DIY situation. Call the professional team at Golden Rule Plumbing Services. You will get friendly, expert help at an affordable price.