Washer Box Shut Off Valves

Washer Box Shut Off Valves

Check this baby out. Not sure what you are looking at? Think washing machine. More specifically the behind the scenes of the washing machine. The washer box shut off valves. Where the magic happens. Without these sweet little water transporters, you are washing your clothes the old fashioned way, in a tub with a washboard. Or on your abs. Washboard abs. Get it? Who said a plumbers can’t be funny. But seriously, this is how you hook up a washing machine.


Washer box shut off valves

Washing Machine Behind the scenes

We wanted to show you this image that we took on a job we recently finished to let you glimpse something you may never see otherwise. Thanks to the homeowner for allowing us to take the picture and bring it to you. We replaced faulty washer box shut off valves and water lines going to them in Knightdale, NC for one of our valued customer.

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