What Does It Mean If You Have a Whistling Toilet?

Have you noticed a whistling sound when you flush your toilet?

Every toilet flush sound is different depending on a few factors. The acoustics of your bathroom, for example, can alter the way your toilet sounds. A toilet that has problems can make a variety of different sounds. Is the whistling sound cause for concern?

Whistling while you are on the porcelain throne is ok. Your toilet should not be whistling, however. A whistling toilet can be an auditory clue to a problem. Your private room for quiet relaxation and possibly reading should be complication-free.

Read on to learn what is going on and what you can do about it.

What Causes This Strange Sound?

Some toilets have a part called a metal ballcock.

As your toilet begins to refill after a flush, this metal part can vibrate. Usually, this piece of equipment doesn’t vibrate. What causes this errant vibration and it’s accompanying, irritating sound effect? 

This problematic noise is your toilet’s cry for help. The vibration is the result of a fill valve gasket that is worn out. Without this gasket, there is nothing between the metal ballcock and your toilet. When you flush, this metal part vibrates against your toilet and causes the whistle.

So feel free to whistle while you work, make sure that your toilet doesn’t. What do you do about it?

How Do You Fix a Whistling Toilet?

You have two options when repairing a whistling toilet.

The first option is to replace the faulty gasket within the fill valve. This option requires that you remove and disassemble the fill valve and replace the gasket. After replacing the gasket, you reassemble the valve and reinstall it.

The second option is to replace the entire fill valve with a new one. Replacement fill valves are typically inexpensive and simple to install. Most people find that option two is easier and takes less time to fix the issue. 

No matter which option you choose here, you will need a few replacement parts along with a few tools. Don’t worry too much about having the right tools. If you have a screwdriver and a small wrench, you should be just fine.

DIY or Call a Professional?

The majority of plumbing repairs should be performed by a professional.

That being said, replacing a fill valve within a toilet tank is very simple. Most retailers offer replacement kits that come with straightforward instructions. There are also several videos online that show you exactly how to pull this off. Watching a few videos goes a long way to feeling confident. 

The answer to this question depends on you. How confident are you in making this repair yourself? 

Calling a professional is always an option. For a service fee, Golden Rule Plumbing can replace the faulty parts and shut up your whistling toilet. The cost could be a small price to pay for an end to the irritating noise. Golden Rule Plumbing is here to put an end to your whistling toilet problems.