What is a Main Sewer Line?

What is the Main Sewer Line?

The main sewer line drains all channels of waste from your home as it is attached to your toilet, bathtub, washing machine, and your sinks. It moves the waste from your home to the main sewer underneath your street.

Can the Main Line Get Clogged?

Despite withstanding a large amount of waste, this eight-inch pipe still gets clogged. If you have one clogged drain, you can usually fix it yourself, but if you have multiple clogs, your main sewer line is likely the problem. That typically means a phone call to professional plumbing service.

What Causes a Clogged Sewer Line?

What Causes a Clogged Sewer Line_ how can you prevent it_

The main sewer line can clog up for a variety of reasons, sometimes preventable, but other times, inevitable.  You won’t often know how your line is clogged until a professional comes to inspect it.

Here are some problems to be aware of that can cause drainage problems and clogs:

A Sagging Sewer Line

Soil erosion can cause a sagging sewer line.  If the soil cannot hold the pipe, it bends, and debris gets caught more easily. Unfortunately, there is not a lot a homeowner can do to prevent this. Once the problem is discovered, however, you can work with professionals to repair the pipe and fortify the soil underneath it.

Critical Pipe Damage

If any part of your pipe is punctured or broken, you won’t get proper flow. Sewer pipe damage can occur due to shifting soil, increased traffic above ground, or settling. Another problem is the corrosion of the pipe, especially if it’s older. If the seals between pipe sections are no longer viable, water and sewage will escape, causing further corrosion of the pipe.

Those Pesky Tree Roots

If your house has older piping, tree roots may be able to infiltrate them. Roots search for water underground. If they find a free source of it in your pipes, they’ll latch on. As the roots grow bigger, they will break your sewer line.

Flushing Debris Down the Toilet

If you want to keep your plumbing system healthy, you need to know what you can and cannot flush down your toilet. Toilet paper and human waste are the only two things that should be flushed down your toilet, as even wipes deemed flushable are not good for your pipes. Without the ability to break down properly, non-flushable items can lead to your drains clogging.

Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Never pour oil, grease, or other fats down your drain. As the grease hits colder water in the pipes, it solidifies and clogs your drain. If you’re cooking with grease, pour it into a container and wait for it to solidify. Then you can dispose of it in the garbage, or even better, the compost.

What Happens if My Main Line Seems Clogged?

If your main sewer line is clogged, give Golden Rule Plumbing Services a call. We provide a 24-hour emergency plumbing and the sewer pipe repair or replacement you may need. Our service is topnotch, and we’re here for you.