When To Replace the Toilet

When To Replace Your Toilet

Not sure when to replace your toilet?

You aren’t alone. Most homeowners replace their toilets an average of once every fifteen years or so. The majority of these replacements take place when a serious problem has occurred. The moving parts and possible leakage of a toilet make them troublesome at times.

While many minor repairs are inexpensive and easy to complete, you may need to replace your toilet. Here are some common issues that often lead to toilet replacement.

Your Toilet Needs Repairs Too Often

There are a few parts within your toilet’s tank that will eventually need to require replacement. The fill valve, flapper, flapper chain, and other parts won’t last forever.

While these parts are inexpensive and easy to replace, doing so takes time. If you aren’t confident enough to make these repairs yourself, you will need to call a pro. The service charge alone for a plumber visit can be costly. Finding the frequency of repairs to be too high, you can always opt to replace your toilet.

The upfront cost for a new toilet may seem high. Compared to lost time and constant repairs, however, the expenditure may be worth it.

Your Toilet Clogs Too Frequently

Having to plunge your toilet after flushing is irritating. Older low flush toilets often have this problem. If your toilet requires more than one flush regularly, you should consider a replacement. 

The need to flush multiple times also results in wasted water. More flushes mean a higher water bill and more wear and tear on your toilet components.

Recent toilet models have made this problem much less of an issue. Newer toilets have fewer issues with needing to be flushed multiple times. Replacing a toilet with this issue can save money and frustration.

When There is a Crack in The Porcelain

A crack in the porcelain of your toilet can be an accident or a leak waiting to happen. Replacing a toilet with cracked porcelain is always a good idea.

Over time a leak wastes water and leads to a higher water bill. If unrepaired, this leak can cause severe property damage. At worst, the leak can create a flood of water at the worst possible time.

When There Are Scratches in Your Porcelain

A toilet that has scratches in its porcelain may require replacement. Scratches, mainly from being scrubbed over a long time, are problematic. Beyond being unattractive, these scratches are places for waste to get stuck inside. 

Scratches make your toilet much harder to clean, often resulting in an unpleasant odor. If, after thoroughly cleansing your toilet, you still notice a smell, the scratches may be the culprit. Consider replacing your toilet if your porcelain has scratches.

To Reduce Your Water Usage and Utility Bills

If you don’t already have a low flush toilet, you should consider getting one. Low flush toilets are good for the environment and your bank account. 

A low flush toilet reduces the amount of water that is required to eliminate waste from your bowl. This type of toilet means lower water usage that results in lower water bills. These toilets can save you hundreds of dollars each year in utility savings.

Golden Rule Plumbing Installs New Toilets

When you decide to replace your toilet with a new one, we are here to help. Golden Rule Plumbing offers fast and affordable toilet removal and installation. Give us a call, and we will be there in two flushes!