Drain Cleaning and Clearing

Clogged drains are a big nuisance. Call today & let us help clear that up!
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Drain Cleaning & Clearing Performed with Precision and Accuracy


We want you to feel safe leaving your drain cleaning & clearing service in our capable hands. Our crew takes quality extremely seriously in all that we do. Whether we are doing a drain clearing or drain cleaning job, your property is our property. With drain cleaning and clearing services, we dedicate ourselves to doing honest work at an economical price. If you have clogged drains, contact us now!

 We take pride in using the latest drain cleaning and clearing tools and products to remove all debris, grease, build up, etc. to get your drains functioning the right way. The standard we set for our plumbers generally exceeds what you expect. Throughout the many years, we have been in business, this methodology has worked well for us and our customers. We have confidence in our abilities, and if we are going to do a drain clearing or drain cleaning job, we do it the right way.

Our whole staff is trained to ensure your interests come first. We are dedicated to the happiness of our customers and the responsibility among our crew is of maximum importance to our Knightdale, NC plumbing business. Get those drains clear and free with Golden Rule Plumbing Services.

Emergency Bathroom Plumbing

We offer emergency plumbing in Knightsdale for repairs on bathroom plumbing, water removal services, and much more. Whether it's a leak that keeps you up or an extensive water problem, we're here.

Emergency Kitchen Plumbing

We offer services and repairs on kitchen sinks, drains, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. For emergency burst pipe repair, water removal services, or simple plumbing needs, contact us today.

Emergency Outdoor Plumbing

We offer emergency burst pipe repair services and repairs on most outdoor plumbing including spigots, wells, sewers, and sump pumps. Day or night, our emergency plumbing repair near me in Knightdale is reliable and affordable.

Hot Water Heater Emergency?

There's nothing like having a hot water emergency. Whether the pipe burst, is leaking, or there's something else askew- our emergency plumbing in Knightdale has you covered.