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New Water Valve Replacement at its Best

Because valves are utilized numerous times every day, they must be checked on a regular basis. Golden Rule Plumbing Services is dedicated to giving the best new water valve replacement service when your valves become worn.

Like most plumbing parts, valves sometimes necessitate repair even if you have been properly maintaining them. If you need your plumbing systems replaced, tested or repaired, our qualified contractors will come up with the correct solution. By regularly inspecting your valves, we can discover issues while they are still minimal, making for moderately cheap repairs while preventing disruption and downtime.

Much like faucets, valves are a chief source of significant plumbing problems. However, since valves regulate the water flow from the piping to the faucet, any damage that happens to them requires immediate attention. Unlike faucets, which are simple to inspect, valves are usually buried out of sight and can, therefore, lead to more significant problems, like flooding, when they break down.

Do You Need Water Valve Replacement?

Here are a few signals that your valves are in need of water valve replacement or repairs:

  • Bad water pressure
  • Foul odors coming from beneath the cabinet sink
  • Pools of water near valves
  • Increasing water bill
  • Discoloration and/or mold on the wall near valves

At Golden Rule Plumbing Services, we help customers recognize valve connection types and offer resolutions needed to guarantee that the water flow is safe and continuous. Please contact us in case you require some assistance with your valve repair or water valve replacement work.

When a water valve replacement is necessary, some standard rules are relevant to almost every project. Of course, the first rule is to shut off the water. You would be amazed at how many folks forget to do this. Even shutting off the water should be done according to specific guidelines.

Always shut the valve on the water meter that is on the same side as your house. Or, try turning off the valve that is nearest to the portion of the piping where the water valve replacement is to be performed At all times, try to prevent closing the valve on the water service line going to the streets/roadway. If the water valve outside of the home and near to the foundation wall breaks or fails, there isn’t a backup valve. If you have a curb valve, it won’t work. It is usually buried and doesn’t function accurately.

Even if you think the main water supply is off, always double-check and make certain that it is off. Don’t risk water damage or flooding because the water wasn’t shut off before water valve replacement work began.

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We were having our cabinets repainted and notice we had leak under our Kitchen sink! Staff called me back very quickly and we could not be any more pleased. Professional service and with a smile!! Reviewed with us what had to be done before and after. Will use again!!! Highly recommend!!!

Kim W.


We needed a drain/stopper replaced in our garden tub. Joseph is professional, clean, and efficient. He did a great job and his work is guaranteed. The charges were fair and reasonable.

Leo & Anne


I am so happy to have FINALLY found an honest, knowledgeable, and great plumber! The builders & previous owners of our home used an unusual sized pipe for our dishwasher. No worries!!! Joseph had to special order the tool that it took to do the job right! He did not charge us any extra from what he had quoted us even though he had to purchase a special tool just to get the job done. 
I highly recommend Joseph! His integrity is in a class all on his own! So refreshing! Thanks again for everything!!!

Anna & Gary F.


Excellent, reliable and affordable! Thank you for being a wonderful plumber & great husband 😉



I received great service from Joseph at Golden Rule Plumbing. He was very polite, prompt and efficient. He took the time to show me the damaged/defective equipment and then showed me the replacements. He also went out of his way to take a look at my water heater for future replacement when he noticed due to my new roof being installed was no longer vented! He took the time to reconnect it and screwed it in place. One can only wonder what if..... I call it divine intervention
Thank you Joseph!

Sandy R.


Outstanding customer service. Courteous. Prompt. Diligent. Thorough. What else can one ask for? Joseph arrived at the house and he was ready to go. Shoe covers on, tools in hand, and went straight to work on our kitchen plumbing and garbage disposal. I was impressed by how efficiently he and his colleague operated. Even after the project was completed, they stayed extra time to test everything and make sure it was working optimally. Incidentally, they noticed some aging in our sink pan and offered to cauk the borders as a courtesy. These guys offer old fashioned southern manners combined with a commitment to technical expertise. Call Joseph. You will not be disappointed!

Jason C.