Rainy Season in Raleigh

Ever thought about what heavy rains can do to your plumbing?

Yeah. Me neither, until I married a plumber. Here is a little info just to keep in mind as we go through this rainy season.

While we never have to worry about rains flooding the entire earth again, heavy rainfall can cause increased pressure on your underground plumbing pipes. It can sift through the ground allowing enough movement of sediment and pressure to create breaks or cracks in your pipes. This isn’t a too-often occurrence, but it does happen. This could allow debris into the pipes, causing clogs.

Also, be careful to protect your basement or crawl space as best you can from downpours. Use crawl space wells to protect the vents and keep water out! Help protect your sump pump so that it can keep up with the high volume of water coming in, and remember that prolonged water exposure can do a lot of damage over time to your foundation, creating runoff and flooding.

Fortunately for our plumbing, the rains seem to be moving out for a while, and we may have some cooler spring weather to enjoy, just a little while longer.

Take it away, Elizabeth!

WRAL Weather Update

Thanks to Mrs. Gardner, for keeping us up-to-date on our local weather.