Scales and Balances

Joseph came up with the idea for the scales and balances for the logo. He was so excited to begin work on the rough draft, that while we were on vacation in Charleston he got lost with a pen and some paper. P.S. if you are ever in Charleston and are able to go out to eat, you HAVE to try Hyman’s Seafood. I’m not a seafood lover but this is one of the BEST.

The scales and balances, made out of plumbing pipe and faucets, are holding two families on either side. We have our family represented (me, Joseph and our daughter, Harvest), and then yours. While we have no way of knowing the makeup of your family, we hope you’ll understand this image to mean that we know that your family holds equal weight to ours when it comes to the scales of justice. We would never take advantage of you. No one deserves that.

We went through an artist on Etsy to draw a professional logo based on our rough sketch, and we are absolutely thrilled with the result. We hope you like it too.

If you are interested in work done by this artist, you can find her Etsy shop click here.

Blessings, ya’ll.