Water Pressure Reducing Valve

We want to make you aware of a handy little gadget used to reduce the water pressure to your home. Let me introduce the pressure reducing valve. These little guys are typically installed in a crawl space, basement, inside closet, or a garage.

 What does it do? It will maintain your water pressure at a safe rate for your home.

What if it fails? First, if your pressure is too high, it will very likely shorten the life of, or damage any number of the following: toilets, faucets, refrigerator ice makers, expansion tanks, pipes, valves, dishwashers, and even your water heater.

North Carolina code is for water pressure to be 80 PSI or under in a residential home. What is PSI? Good question. It is the unit of measurement used to determine the pressure in pounds per square inch.

Pressure reducing valves are man-made, and as with all mechanical devices,  will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

 If you are suspicious of your house pressure and want to check it yourself, you will need a water pressure gauge. You can get one at any home improvement store, or online. Here is a nice one from Amazon:


For an instructional video on finding out what your house pressure is (or to just see Joseph doing what Joseph does best!), click here:

How to check your water pressure

If you are not able to read it yourself we would be happy to help. Give us a call.