Thankful for my spigot

Springtime is gardening time! Water is an absolute essential when it comes to gardening of nearly any kind (unless you live in the desert).

Until I started gardening, I never realized how crucial plumbing is to the health of my garden. Rain is a great blessing but often doesn’t come in the pattern we need it to. Ideally, establishing rain barrels are a great natural way to save money and conserve water. But rain barrels may not always be an option. Like in recent drought periods we have had in North Carolina, I’m not sure how my garden would have survived and thrived without the spigot/outside faucet/hose/hose bib (however you say it, it looks the same!).  I can literally turn a handle, and water comes out. What a great blessing.

About a year ago our spigot was hard to turn, had a steady leak, and the water wouldn’t shut completely off. I called a plumber (fortunately, it was my husband!) He ended up needing to replace the whole spigot and now we are not wasting water and I can water my garden with ease.